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Main Lodge — Guest Room Areas
Business Hours: OPEN 8:15 AM – 11:45 and 3- 5:45 PM daily including Sundays, Closed Noon-3 PM daily. Office closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Days only. Prerequisites

Large Dogs
4' x 6' room with 6' x 16' personal exercise area.
Medium Dogs
4' x 4' room with 4' x 16' personal exercise area
Small Dogs
3' x 4' room with 3' x 16' personal exercise area
2' x 6' vertical multi-storied lodging

K-9 Kabanas
This secure outdoor Boarding area is located at the foot of our rock wall where all dogs can be easily observed. The dogs keep occupied as they monitor the daily activity. Each 20' x 20' paddock has a large insulated Kabana with paneled interior, as well as a porch and fresh water. Eligible dogs may have access to the Kabanas on an hourly or daily basis. Weather permitting.

Guest Room Rates
Our rates have been set according to the height of your dog as an adult measured from the top of the withers to the ground. You will always be charged for the day your pet arrives, but not the departure day if picked up prior to 11:45 a.m. We adhere to very strict business hours. Our payment methods are cash or check. We DO NOT accept credit/debit cards. A daily surcharge may be added for pets that are "difficult" or require special treatment.

  • $35/ day for dogs under 18 inches
  • $40/ day for dogs 18-28 inches
  • $45/ day for dogs over 28 inches
  • $15/day for cats
  • Note extra daily charge for Prime Time Days
  • Day Stay (no overnight) $2 less per day
  • Add any of our Special Optional Services & Grooming Services

VIP Discounts (10%) will start at $700 and Medallion discounts (15%) will start at $1,200 for the remainder of that calendar year on boarding charges.

Prime Periods top
Rates are increased an additional $2/day during certain prime periods including Holidays, Holiday Weekends, School Vacations and Summer Weekends.

Special Optional Services
Play TimeWe realize each pet is different and may require particular individualized attention. Many pets eat special diets, a third meal or need certain medications. You need to supply all medications, special diets and a third meal.

  • K-9 Kabanas in a large outside paddock area (weather permitting): $1 per hour maximum $7 per day
  • Personal Time 10 minutes of personal time with a staff member (Maximum 4/ per day) can be tailored to your pet's needs. Just let us know what will keep your pet happy while you are away— walks, talks, and hugs. Personal Time can also include socialization or additional exercise time in our fenced back yard. $2 per session.
  • Doggie Play Date is supervised play time with another suitable dog. Pre-evaluation for both dogs and the owners' signatures on file is required. $4 per session.
  • Household Obedience or Agility Training while Boarding (with a 3-week minimum stay) or for dogs who have had previous formal training, an hourly Obedience or Agility Refresher.
  • Water Sports: Our spring fed pond is available for you and your dog. We can provide Supervised Swimming or Dock Jumping while boarding, weather permitting. Please ask for rates.
  • Class Training with one of our Associates. Your dog can attend a training class or session if you are unable or unavailable. Please ask for rates.

More Boarding Features... top

  • Cassio staff members live on the property and we adhere to strict business hours and are closed between 12 noon and 3 pm daily. Please respect our privacy outside of business hours when we are not open.
  • All dogs are maintained in their own individual area. Upon request dogs from the same household may share a guestroom.
  • Individual cloth Beds, slightly raised off of the floor
  • Individual Fresh Towels
  • Fresh Water is available at all times
  • If your dog is a senior, under 10 lbs., requires limited exercise, or needs specific attention, a special area in our "cozy room" is available
  • Ask about available Discounts click here
  • Our Pond, Fenced Play/Training Yard and Training/Meeting room are available to rent for you and your dog on a half-hour or hourly basis during the year

Catnap Quarters top
Our feline guest room is separate from the canine guest area. Large windows so your cat can watch the outside activity or bask in the sun to stretch, yawn and nap comfortably.

  • Private Litter boxes
  • Single or double tiered guest areas
  • Fresh Water available at all times

Catnap Rates
Cat's QuartersYou will always be charged for the day your pet arrives, but not the departure day if picked up prior to noon. We adhere to very strict business hours. Our payment methods are cash or check. We DO NOT accept credit/debit cards.
$14/ day per cat

Day Stay top
Whether going to work, taking a day trip, or your dog would rather not be alone, our Day Stay program may be beneficial to you! Day Stay rates are $2 less than our boarding rates and include 4 bathroom and exercise breaks, fresh water at all times, and a comfy bed for napping. Our Optional Services can be added to Day Stay at an additional charge. Learn more...

We have a complete dog grooming facility open daily including Saturdays and Sundays where clipping, trimming, brushing, bathing and nail trimming are available by appointment or can be scheduled while boarding. Grooming rates vary and depend on the trim, size and condition of each individual dog. Our grooming rates include bathing and nail clipping. We request dogs be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon during our regular office hours.

Grooming Before & AfterMost of our trimming requests are for cut downs, or " livable" trims while maintaining the basic look of the breed. A "livable" trim can make your life easier when your dog is exposed to the elements such as leaves, snow, rain or dirt. We are also able to accommodate individuals wanting style to their dog's trim as well as most show grooming. Various shampoos are on hand to facilitate with the removal of fleas, ticks and skunk odor when necessary.

Regular baths and grooming are highly recommended. Our groomers have found and made notice of irregularities or growths on dogs that may have gone unnoticed by their owner. Regular nail clipping and don't forget the dewclaws, is very important for your dog's good health and well-being. This is especially important for those dogs living mostly on carpets in a house.

Patience and extra time is necessary and is taken when grooming puppies. It is very important for puppies to experience a pleasant time while being groomed. Their first groom should be done while quite young, especially if they are a dog that will be trimmed on a regular basis.

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