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Cassio Pet Resort & Training CenterOur regular Training Sessions generally run for six weeks with a week between sessions. Our next session is scheduled to start the WEEK of

APRIL 17, 2017. For training schedule Click Here | Registration Form

Our Pond, Fenced Play/Training Yard and Training/Meeting room are available to rent on a half-hour or hourly basis during the year.

APDTOur facility has the capacity to offer classes on a year-round basis. We have a 1,900 sq ft clean, heated/air conditioned and matted training room. Our outside grass training yard is fenced and over 9,000 sq ft. When weather permits classes are held outside.

Puppy Pre-School, Basic Obedience & Household Training, & Advanced Dog Training Classes

  • Puppy on Dog WalkPuppy Pre-School—For dogs under six months. This structured class focuses on properly raising a puppy. Puppies are introduced to other dogs and people in a safe, controlled environment. Puppy training and development are discussed to ensure a well-adjusted, happy dog for life. All household members, including children, are encourage to participate in this class. (SEE Schedule )
  • Basic Obedience & Household Training (Level 1): The foundation class for all training. This class establishes the basis for an appropriate relationship between a family and the dog living with them. Once your dog has graduated from Level 1 Basic Dog Training, be certain to consider Agility for that active dog or the dog that needs increased confidence! (SEE Schedule).
  • Advanced Training (Levels 2 & 3): Includes AKC Canine Good Citizen training and test , Rally, Introduction to Therapy, Games, Competition Classes, Nose Work and more.(SEE Schedule )
  • Agility: Builds confidence for the shy dog and is very beneficial for the active dog. A full range of obstacles are available. Indoor air conditioned/heated, matted, clean facility and fenced Outdoor training areas are available. (SEE Schedule )
  • Barn Hunt Clinics: Demonstrate a dog's vermin hunting ability in finding and marking rats in a "barn-like" setting. Hay bales are used to introduce climbing and tunneling obstacles in the dog's path as they search out the rats. Rats are not harmed or stressed! (SEE Schedule)
  • Conformation Breed Handling or Junior Showmanship: Personalized private handling instruction / training and advice for the individual with their dog. Focusing on those needing assistance in presenting or training their dog with better ability and understanding when competing in conformation competition. Specializing in working with Junior Showmanship students, dogs and individuals with specific issues or just beginning. (SEE Schedule )
  • Private Lessons available at mutually convenient times.
How to Register:
  • It is necessary to phone Cassio (203) 426-2881 in advance to enroll. We admit new dogs only during the 1st two classes of our 6 week sessions.
  • A class Training Registration & Release Form may be printed out or picked up at Cassio during business hours. Please get the completed registration form along with payment to us via mail or drop it off prior to the day of your first class. This will help us get classes started on time. New forms must be completed and are required each calendar year. We accept cash or check ONLY no credit/debit cards.
  • We are flexible and alternate dates or times can be arranged by request, if warranted, for most classes. Our Training Sessions start approximately every seven weeks. Please phone Cassio at 203-426-2881 if you would like to be added to our Training Schedule email or mailing list, have any questions regarding classes, to set up a private lesson, would like to discuss what would be best for you and your dog.
  • NOTE: Inclement weather information: Please phone Cassio from 4-5:30 PM. No refunds given for session drop-outs or classes missed. Missed classes may be made up within the current session. No video cameras please.

Water Sports
Dock DivingRecreational Swimming & Dock Jumping—A natural spring fed pond, approximately 50 x 150 feet and 6 feet deep is available on our property. The pond can be used by your dog for recreational swimming, retrieving work, sports jumping, etc. A regulation size dock, 8 x 40 feet extends into the pond for "Dock Jumping." Reservations are required for "Pond Time" and can be made for an individual dog, a group of dogs, or for eligible dogs while Boarding. Cost: $10/ person per half-hour

Fenced Play Yard
A 90 x 110 foot, completely fenced grass Play/Training yard is available by reservation. A great spot to let your canine really stretch his/her legs! Cost $10/person per half-hour.

Doggie Play Date is supervised play time with another suitable dog. Pre-evaluation for both dogs and the owners' signatures on file is required. $4 per session.