Cassio Pet Resort is a full service, upscale kennel offering the highest quality resort-like experience for your pet. As one of the most sophisticated facilities of its kind, Cassio boasts individual accommodations with spacious indoor and outdoor exercise areas for dogs. Cats are accommodated in a separate quiet room where they can look out the windows.

Calling All Breeds: All Ages; All Skill Levels. Bring your dog for two fun-filled events!

  • Barn Hunt Fun Clinic: Oct. 14 & 21: Runs continously from 10 AM to 3 PM. Learn more...
Choose your pet's accommodations with the same care you do for your own family. Learn more about Boarding.
A welcome alternative to leaving your best friend cooped up alone all day. Learn more about Daycare.
Our full service grooming salon offers everything from a quick nail trim, bath and haircut to a complete groom. Learn more about grooming
6-Week Training Session Starts Week of November 6, 2017; we accept dogs in the 1st or 2nd week of any Session. Proper training can give you the control you need to enjoy your relationship with your dog to the fullest. Learn more...
Fun Activities

Cassio's offers a unique opportunities with Barn Hunt Clinics, recreational swimming and dock jumping in its natural spring fed pond, doggie play dates help socialize your dog with other dogs, and a safe fenced in play yard where your dog can stretch its legs. Learn more...

Upcoming Events

Barn Hunt Clinic:

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on: Oct. 14th & 21st
A fun sport for all dogs that tests the nose, speed, agility and surefootedness of many breeds and mixed breeds. Based on hunting and teamwork skills, dogs and handlers work as a team to locate and mark rats (safe in aerated tubes) hidden in a maze of straw bales. The event is open to all dogs that can fit through an 18"w x 20"h opening. 2 Runs - $10.00 cash or check. Learn more..

Doggie Fun Zone: Will return next Spring of 2018

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